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Fun programme to teach students about integration


PUTRAJAYA: Students will soon be required to go for camping trips to learn about each other’s culture as part of a government national unity programme.

At the camps, the children would be taught the different cultural practices and the activities would include eating with fingers or chopsticks as a learning experience.

National Unity and Integration Department director-general Datuk Azman Amin Hassan said the programme, which covers primary and secondary schools, is designed as a fun learning experience about integration and racial unity.

The camp programme – billed kembar padu (integrated triumvirate) – was created following concerns that children of various races were not mingling, with many attending vernacular schools, he said.


another ridiculous newsflash from malaysia. how do they expect kids to be racially integrated when the grown-ups are constantly attacking each other for looking different? the whole country is organised according to race. you can hardly expect the kids to think differently. actually, it's a wonder ANY racial integration is going on at all, given the blatant racism of the country's organising principles.

and why are people attending vernacular schools? it's not that they want to stick to their own race--just look at the rising numbers of indians and malays going to chinese schools. could it be that vernacular schools provide better education than national ones? the logical solution would be to improve the quality of national schools instead of blowing more money on hare-brained 'unity' camps, national service, and such like.
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