DJ Meatmachine (pigpog) wrote,
DJ Meatmachine

disaster strikes again

do you want a medal for all your pain? disaster strikes again.

check out the excellent ferns! one of rolling stone's top 25 myspace bands.


got my gprs running on my phone. dlded opera mini. its sweet!


check out -- meatspace hyperlinking in the service of advertising -- of course


want to make a new ringtone.. gonna rip 8 bit peoples' 'axel funk', an 8 bit rendition of axel f by harold faltermeyer (as heard on the beverly hills cop soundtrack)

sms tone? ymck's 'synchronicity' which has a nice snippet 'this is a message... message... beep... from alpha centauri'

-- -- hairul azwar's race report on completing his first ironman, in langkawi, is great. inspiring. the malay bits just make it better. also check out the lance video on top of his page.


saw a collapsed migrant worker in the subway. paramedics stretecherd him off. old guy. an onlooker insisted he was dead. others refuted him.
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