DJ Meatmachine (pigpog) wrote,
DJ Meatmachine

i can post again!

now that i am beyond the clutches of the great firewall of china -- henceforth known as the GFW -- i can post to my subversive, democracy-spreading livejournal again.

so whats new? im in singapore to do my visa -- close call yesterday, almost didnt get the necessary papers. our admin person took my stuff to the gov and they rejected it on the grounds that iw as not experienced enough. of course you must understand that i am technically applying to be a proofreader. our admin confidently told me she would fabricate some more stuff on my CV and re apply. it worked, with just 30 mins left on the clock. i was due on a plane to spore last night.

work's been pretty hectic -- dont even know why. the magazines are pretty crappy. lot of work to be done and most of it is in planning and researching and knowing the subjects. which is asking quite a bit considering its a new industry every month. good news is im getting better at planning in advance and hitting deadlines, and also building up my contacts base and freelancers pool. bad news is the work just never seems to end, and the quality is not where i want it to be yet.

rather hungry now... will look for something to eat.
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