DJ Meatmachine (pigpog) wrote,
DJ Meatmachine

Bus tickets for sale! KL-Singapore!

23rd Dec departure
Sunway Pyramid @ 6pm
Arriving Harbour Front Centre.

27th Dec departure
Harbourfront Centre @ 8pm
Arriving Corus Hotel, Jalan Ampang.

Please note the difference in the KL departure location on the 23rd and the arrival location on the 27th. The Singapore location remains the same both ways.
The ticket price is RM80 per ticket per way. But we're willing to sell it for half price. So that means RM40 per ticket per way on the full service Aeroline bus.

email me joonian at gmail . com or leave me a comment here! ASAP!

also, tickets now on the kl-singapore route are sold out... so this is probably your only chance of getting tickets if you need to be in singapore for christmas.
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