DJ Meatmachine (pigpog) wrote,
DJ Meatmachine

monopolising the news

singapore press holdings has a virtual monopoly on printed news in singapore, a situation that has helped them generate staggering profits--40 percent on revenues in 2000 (update: 42 percent Q1 2006)--over the years. they are also run by former operatives of the country's internal security department. the isd operates, effectively, as a secret police. in 1987, the isd ran operation spectrum, a dragnet that was supposed to catch marxist conspirators in singapore. they detained 22 people, including church activists, social activists and lawyers. the isd then was run by tjong yik min, who then became group president of sph from 2000 to 2002. here are some interesting and revealing links to more information.

operation spectrum


tjong yik min

some extra stuff
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