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watched a documentary at the museum of contemporary art in people's square just now. it's called nostalgia. it was a very shaky, DV docu about the director's old neighbourhood in a shikumen nong tang. he spliced interviews with old neighbours and relatives with reenactments of his boyhood from the 70s and 80s. tender and touching. he perched a foot on a concrete stump, telling how this used to be the local well, and they would get water from it to cool watermelons in the summer. oh and a few people jumped in it to commit suicide too, he said. there was a scene at the beginning where he talked about cats in nong tangs. they were elusive, although you knew they were there. they caught mice, that was their primary purpose. i recalled deng xiaopeng's old feline analogy. in the end he talked about xintiandi, how his city was being turned into a tourist postcard. the old snack shop he used to go to was now the site of the four seasons shanghai. he went inside for a tour. looking through the huge windows next to the swimming pool, the hotel manager told him guests loved this view. it was overlooking the brown roofs of his neighbourhood, da zhongli. it gave tourists a sense of old shanghai, they loved its authenticity, the mnanager said enthusiastically. at some points he played snippets of old tv shows and the audience, crammed into two small rooms of the museum started murmuring and humming along in glee, surprise, warmth. i wanted to get a dvd but we would have had to wait until the end of the director's q&a. i was too hungry after work.
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